1. Start with your dog lying down.
  2. Show them a treat, then move it toward her hip.
  3. When they turn their head to follow the treat, mark the behavior with an enthusiastic “YES!”
  4. Praise and give the treat.

Repeat this until your dog shifts their weight onto her opposite hip. If they don’t, push the treat slightly toward your dogs mouth as their taking the treat, and this will encourage them to roll onto their hip.

Once your dog is resting on that opposite hip, the next time you lure, when your dog is about to take the treat, move your hand toward her spine to shift their weight so they roll onto their back. Once your dog is on their back, if you move the treat lure in a quick small circle, your dog will roll over all the way following it.

Repeat these exercises several time BEFORE adding the verbal cue, “ROLL OVER,” just before making the circle motion with the treat. With practice, your dog should be able to learn rolling clockwise and counter clockwise if you teach one with the left hand and one with the right, get creative!!! You can’t go wrong as long as your both having fun!