A Few Words of Praise for Stout Kennels.

Stout Kennels features heated floors in the winter, air conditioned runs in the summer, plenty of play time, individual attention and medications as needed. Our customers have come to truly appreciate the opportunity to treat their family members to our care. Here are a few comments in their own words:

…”thank you too for being so kind to Sinbad. It was always reassuring to know he was in such good hands when we were away.”

Beth & John

“Shelly & Stout Kennel Staff, Thank you for taking such good care of Lucky. He’s a very lucky dog to have such a GREAT second home. You are all so professional and knowledgeable, thank you for all your help.”

Amy & Lucky

“It is great to have found a place where Chessie is so happy! We feel OK when we leave.”

The E’s

“Thank you so very much for all you have done for us. Also taking such good care of Rosie. You are all the best!!”

Leigh, Amy Rose and Rosie

“Thank you for training my mommy so that she can now be the leader. It’s such a relief to know that now all I need to do is play, eat & sleep! You’re the best!”


…”In my opinion, Ms. Stout has been conscientious and diligent in her care for these animals and also in her evaluation of her breeding stock. I have previously recommended Ms. Stout to a client who was looking for a reputable Cavalier breeder and would feel very comfortable making a similar recommendation again in the future.”

Lori Hitchcock, DVM, Diplomat ACVIM (Cardiology)

“Shelly Stout, is a very conscientious and compassionate breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She has given them great medical and surgical care through the years. We recommend her highly to those looking for future puppies.”

Michael T. Lee, DVM

“Thanks for a good class!”

Joyce and Pepper (1998)

“Thanks for dog sitting Feist. She is in better shape than when she came and misses her new friends!”


“Thanks for all your support over Maggie’s puppyhood.”

Nancy & Hany

“Thank you for all of your kindness you give to my family. You are all the best!”

Leige and Amy and Rosie

“Thanks for all the wonderful care you give to Bailey when we board him there. Its so nice to know we feel so comfortable when he’s there & we can enjoy our vacations! Thanks again!”

Chris & Heather & Bailey

“We wanted to let you know that we put Lexi down…. We want to thank you for all the years you looked after her for us. You went above & beyond what was expected when you cared for her & we will always be grateful to you for the peace of mind that you brought us.”

Pam & David

“Just a note of thanks for the great care that was given to Molly & Willie last weekend. As you know, I was worried about leaving Molly. But as usual, she was just fine thanks to the great care they always receive.”

John & Cindy

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We limit our hours to limit traffic and avoid stressing our campers.

We Know Our Campers by Name

Doggie Camp is a small Owner/ Operated Fun Place for your furry friend where we have a saying; “What Happens at Doggie Camp, Stays at Doggie Camp!”