Shelly has been working with animals her entire life.

Her diverse experiences include exotic animal training and wrangling on horse farms with 100-plus head herds.

The last 20 years, Shelly has focused on canines. Shelly offers individual private lessons and in-house training. She deals with general obedience and can trouble-shoot behavior problems.

Shelly’s obedience training is not just for purebreds or show competition. It is for your dog! It will make him or her a better family member, a nicer companion, more pleasurable to live with, and a good neighbor.

Shelly’s basic outline includes:

  • HEEL: Walk on leash without pulling.
  • SIT: Includes SIT/STAY.
  • DOWN: Includes DOWN/STAY. Lie down.
  • OFF: No jumping up on friends, family, and visitors
  • STAND: Stand for examination.
  • RECALL: Dog comes when called.

The method style of training Shelly uses is motivation. Shelly’s vast knowledge of multiple breeds helps her to help understand why your dog does the things he or she does.

CALL Shelly at 330-667-3292 for a consultation

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We Know Our Campers by Name

Doggie Camp is a small Owner/ Operated Fun Place for your furry friend where we have a saying; “What Happens at Doggie Camp, Stays at Doggie Camp!”